Sabal louisiana

Sabal louisiana is an extremely cold-hardy, somewhat arborescent (trunk-forming) palm native from East Texas to the Florida Panhandle. While the taxonomy of this palm is often disputed among botanists there is no dispute among horticulturists that Sabal louisiana is one of the world's most cold-hardy trunking palms. Sabal louisiana grows faster and larger than Sabal minor, yet is nearly as cold-hardy. We have been growing Sabal louisiana outdoors since 1990 in Oklahoma City and many plants have quickly grown into highly noticeable large landscape specimens. The Sabal louisiana pictured above (in 2000) has grown quickly in Oklahoma City since being planted from a 5 gallon container in 1992. This Sabal louisana specimen did not damage during the -3*F record low that occured on 2-4-1996.   There are several large specimens planted at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

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