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Iguana Rescue

     Green Iguanas can be wonderful pets--for the right people.  Unfortunately, many iguanas end up in homes where they are not properly cared for.  Between unscrupulous (or uninformed) dealers (who sell them with the assurance that they will stay small) and carnies at the State Fair (who give away live iguanas as prizes in midway games), hundreds of iguanas find themselves with less than adequate care.

     Most of these animals probably die from poor husbandry before they finish their first year.  A very few are fortunate enough to find owners who take the time to research their needs, and live long, healthy lives.  The rest may survive, but never be in optimum condition.

     Frequently, owners will tire of their pets, and their first inclination is to try to sell them.  We receive 5-10 calls every week from individuals trying to sell iguanas.  The most frequent reasons are:

     Many callers are surprised to learn that their 2-4 foot long iguana is not in high demand, and that they can't sell it for the $100 to $500 that their friends said it was worth.   We do not buy single iguanas from individuals.  We suggest that they talk with their friends, neighbors and relatives to see if any of them would be willing and able to care for their pet.  They can also check with nearby schools, who will sometimes take donated iguanas (but usually only when an appropriate cage is included).  As a last resort, (to keep them from going to the pound or being destroyed) we will take unwanted iguanas.  We check them out, and offer the healthy ones for sale at a modest price which helps to defray the costs of feeding, cleaning and health care until they find a new home.

     Some iguanas come with bigger problems than others.  Some have deficiency diseases, injuries, parasites, stunted growth, poor temperament or other difficulties.

     If you are interested in providing a home for one or more unwanted iguanas, please visit us at the store (to verify that you have the knowledge and facilities to deal with them).  We will add your name to a list of Iguana Rescuers, and you will be called (on a rotating basis) and offered one or more iguanas at no charge.  The animal(s) you are offered may have health or behavior problems, so you should not accept the offer if you are not able to provide the needed level of care.  Or you may be offered an animal with no known problems, simply because we have been given more than we can efficiently house.  If you take an animal, your name will be removed from the list, unless you request that it be left on.  If you decline to take an animal, your name will be rotated to the bottom of the list, or removed, whichever you prefer.