Alligator Alley
Free T-Shirt Offer

Our current shirt design.
(Scroll down the page to see past designs, that are no longer available).

It is now easier than ever for our regular customers to earn a FREE Alligator Alley T-shirt.

Simply save your cash register receipts each time you make a purchase.  You need to have at least 15 receipts (from 15 separate visits) that total at least $150 (not including tax).  There is no expiration date--as long as a receipt is legible, it is valid to use toward a free T-shirt.

 For example,  you could have:

15 receipts for exactly ten dollars each, or
 one receipt for $135 and 14 more for $1.50 each or
one receipt for $500 plus 14 more for .01 each
or any other combination which totals

This is our way of saying "thanks" to the regular customers, who keep us in business by shopping here week after week, year after year.

If you are out of state, or unable to shop with us on a regular basis, you can still order our latest T-shirt.  Simply choose your size, click on the button below, and pay through PayPal using your credit card or checking account.  Mail order shirts are $15+$5/shipping.  Oklahoma residents add 8.375% sales tax.



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