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Your Pictures

We would like to use this page to display photos of our customer's pets.  If you have a nice picture of your animal or your vivarium, E-mail it to us, and we will post it here (if it reproduces well and if bandwidth permits).  Try to keep the file size under 100KB  (Use the low resolution/quality setting on your digital camera or scanner) and use .jpg or .gif files, if possible .  Be sure to include your name (we'll just include the first name and last initial) and your pet's name, along with any other pertinent information (age, size, favorite food etc.)

Rocky the Red-Tail

The first pic is of my Columbian red-tailed boa who has just eaten his first rat!!! (you can see this in his stomach.) He is about 1 year old and is about 3 1/2 feet long.  I bought him from you when he was a baby.  The second pic is of my hand made (by me) snake jungle.  Thanks for the advice Bryan!! anyways...I hope you like the pics.
Gavin B.

Jansen S., a pretty big Tiger Reticulated Python, and Bryan L.

Sarah S. with Sam, the Trans-Pecos Rat Snake she has owned for several years.

Mary A. and Bogey, her almost two year-old, 11 pound, 3 1/2 foot longSavannah Monitor.

"Bully" the (very large) Bull Snake.
"We come in for rats about every other week, so you might recognize me.
 Hope you like the picture."

Red-Eyed Treefrog
"Calli" was purchased from A.A. in 1999.
Thanks!  Greg M.

Here are some pictures of our hairless rat "Harry" and his home. Webuilt
the stand to match our daughter's headboard that we had built last summer.
It's a 55 gallon tank that we had bought from you and then created the stand
for it. Harry is wonderful, he is gentle and sweet natured and we just adore
him. I think that he is almost a year old now, and he has double in size
since we've had him. He particularly likes baked cheese "Tickles" from the
grocery store and roasted peanuts (no salt). And he's really fond of
listening to music.   Sandy B. and daughter Brittany

More of your pictures