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Plants in Stock--Spring 2006
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Hardy Sub-Tropical Plants for Oklahoma
H# is the Estimated Hardiness ranking for Central Oklahoma. Click Here for more information.

PALMS  More Information

Birmingham Palm (The hardiest trunking species) Sabal 'Birmingham' 1g $29.99, 5-g $49.99

Brazoria Palm Sabal x texensis 1g $24.99 H2

Louisiana Palmetto Sabal louisiana    14.99 H2
Louisiana Palmetto Sabal louisiana    2g Treepots $24.99 H2
Louisiana Palmetto Sabal louisiana   3g $34.99 H2
Louisiana Palmetto Sabal louisiana,  12x12x24" 20g boxed specimens $124.99  H2
Louisiana Palmetto Sabal louisiana  30g 149.99
Needle Palm Rhapidophyllum hystrix    3g 49.99 H1
Saw Palmetto Serenoa repens (three small plants in a 1g pot) $15 H3
Windmill Palm Trachycarpus fortunei 1g $19.99, 3-5g 34.99, H3

Emperor Sago "Palm" (Actually a Cycad) Cycas taitungensis  5-gal. $50 H2 DB Perennial

BAMBOO  More Information

More than two dozen varietiesusually in stock, from 1g pots to 300 lb balled and burlapped specimens over 20 feet tall.
Not all varieties available in all sizes. Priced from $15-$200

Click here for a list of bamboo species currently or recently in stock

Japanese Fiber Banana Musa 'basjoo' $10 and up.  1g-25g H1 DB Perennial
Chinese Hardy Banana Musa itinerans 3-5g $35  H1-H2 ?

Japanese Parasol Tree Firminia simplex 1g-5g $15-35 H2

Purple Heart Vine Setcresea 1g $5 H2 DB Perennial
Giant Reed/Cane  Arundo donax $10-20  H1
Variegated Giant Reed/Cane Arundo donax 'variegata' $15  H1

Hardy Variegated Agave Agave funkiana $15-40  H2

Palm Yucca Yucca faxoniana $150 H2
Spanish Dagger Yucca treculeana  $60 H2
Blue Yucca Yucca rigida  $50-150 H1
Thompson's Yucca Yucca thompsonia, 3-7' trunked specimens  $30-40/foot H1
Thompson's Yucca Yucca thompsonia, 4' two-headed specimen  $160  H1
Beaked Yucca  Yucca rostrata, 2-3' trunked specimens  $65  H1

Giant Spineless Prickly Pear Opuntia engelmanni?? 1g $15 and up H1-H2 ?
Giant Prickly Pear Opuntia engelmanni var. alta  $10-30 H1
Grizzly Bear Cactus  Opuntia polyacantha $5 H1
Tulip Prickly Pear Opuntia phaecantha $3-10 H1
Purple Prickly Pear Opuntia santa-rita $5 H2
Cow-tongue cactus Opuntia engelmanni v. linguiformis  12-36" tall, $5-35  H2
Horse-Crippler cactus Echinocactus texensis  $15-25 H2
Tree Cholla cactus Cylindropuntia imbricata  $5-15 H1
Pencil Cholla Cylindropuntia kleinae  $3-15  H1

Dozens small non-hardy cactus/succulents/agaves/terrarium plants  $3.99 ea. 3 for $10  H5
Airplants Tillandsia ionantha $1.49 ea H5
Agave salmiana  all sizes from 3" to 36"  $3.00-$35.00 H4

Pond Plants

Hardy Water Lilies $15-25, several colors and varieties H1-H2
Night-Blooming Tropical Water Lilies, $20 H5
Water Hyacinth  Eichornia crassipes $3.50 each, 4 for $10, 20 for $20  H5
Parrot Feather Myriophyllum aquaticum  $2.50/bundle H1
Arrowhead  Sagittaria latifolia  $9.99 H1
Horsetail/Scouring Rush  Equisetum hymenale  Qt. $4.99, 1-Gal. $9.99 H1
Giant Reed Arundo donax  $10-20 H1
Variegated Giant Reed Arundo donax 'variegata'  1-Gal. $15 H1

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